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Just picked up my 2007 SLT from a dealer about 3 hours away (driving that is). One of the only issues was that 3 of the 4 rims had what looks like "spidering" or "rivers on a map" for lack of a better description of the clear coating that covers the rims. The car was in Southern Ontario where there is some snow, so maybe salt caused it.

The SLT came in last night, so any imperfections where noticed only today....this puppy is a GM Employee Lease return and went into service Mar 2007 and has 30,000 km's on it.

The service manager where I picked it up said he would have no issues ordering and installing 4 new rims under warranty (but I could not wait a couple of days for the rims to come in) and mentioned that any GMC dealer closer to me should also agree...if not I have another long drive out there.

Has anyone ever heard or seen this....what advice would you have? I am going to the local dealership tomorrow.

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