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A copy of the Evernote entry on installing a VHF/UHF transceiver for the wife.

Notes for IC-208H install in XYL 07 Acadia

enable FM repeater use while roadtripping and FM simplex while waiting in parking lot or running errands
non-trunked public service FM scanning and weather channel scanning
APRS transmission likely in near future
crossband repeat not an installation mission
HF install not likely down the line unless small 11 meter

installation goals:
do not interfere with SRS/airbags, specifically cable runs, mic, display
minimize splicing with factory harness
minimize RFI into onboard electronics
clean install (no velcro, sticky tape, exposed cable)
avoid hamsexy appearance
minimize clearance issues

2007 Acadia SLT2 with deleted sunroof
XYL's car with two full time car seats in rear buckets
consider traffic and storage issues
3d row will mostly be 40% down

inexpensive with fairly extended receive
display head very small and remoteable
microphone attached to body but easily extended with cat5e homebrew
also can install old school motorola microphone
programmable easily by computer using homebrew OPC-478 cable

initially planned Larssen glass mount antenna on third row window, but heavy tinting and side impact airbags makes this less feasible
better mount may be NMO above first row where sunroof would have been
1/4 wave 144 - 1/2 wave 440 antenna should be around 12-17" high
need to consider use of roof rack storage (especially long items, kayaks, storage boxes)
if roof mount not feasible, consider backup plan of mount to door or tailgate jamb or on roof rails

battery located in odd position but no firewall holes need to be drilled and aux fuse box protected from elements
use painless wiring cirkitboss ignition hot aux fuse box
use green wire to energize relay for ignition hot

  • locate display
  • locate body
  • locate mic hanger
  • locate extension speaker ?tie into stereo system?
  • locate cable runs, esp considering airbags, traffic

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He's talking about installing an Amateur Radio.
Automobiles aren't friendly to installing CB/HAM radios anymore.
Although, its nice that with the latest radios, you can mount the "remote face" just about anywhere.
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