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  1. General Tech
    Changed fuel pump and now getting code P216D and P2155. Was not getting those before the pump was changed. Help!
  2. DIY, Aftermarket/Upgrades
    Hi there, so my wife bought a 2008 g m c Acadia few months back. Bought it knowing that the stereo didn't work. I figured I would just put in a new one. Well as I'm doing that I get the stereo out go to unplug the connector to from the stereo and realize there is none. After a little bit of...
  3. General Tech
    So my family just took a trip for the fourth and on the way back, our new (to us) 2013 acadia Denali lost its mind! Lol. Traveling the freeway about 90 miles from home. The dash lit up brighter and all gauges dropped to to bottom. The radio shut off. The tire pressure light came on, the anti...
  4. Interior and Electrical
    Ok. So, I've read and read so many forums and learned about the issues with Acadia water leaks. However, my acadia does not have a sunroof. That said, I did leave the windows down once and some rain got into the car. This has left me with partially functioning climate and radio controls. Most of...
  5. Interior and Electrical
    Hi All, I am from the United Arab Emirates, Can someone help me with where I can download wiring diagrams for a 2012 GMC Acadia Denali? Much appreciated on any suggestions..
  6. Body / Exterior
    So I go out there to change the marker light bulb yesterday and find out after getting it off that the reason it wasn’t working is because someone had accidentally cut one of the wires that go to it. There’s three wires running to the plug itself. I thought oh, no big deal I’ll just remove it...
1-6 of 6 Results