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  1. Interior and Electrical
    Hi everyone this is a new one for me. So I have yet to mount my license plate on the front of my car and it was on my dash but it fell between the gap between the dash and the windsheild and was wondering if anyone had any idea how I can get it back out even if it means I have to take part of...
  2. General Tech
    I had safelite replace my cracked windshield a few months ago and ever since it was replaced the HUD sits too low for me to see it all. If I lower my head 6 inches I can see it fine but that makes for an awkward driving experience having to slouch down just to see it. Is there some way to adjust...
  3. Body / Exterior
    As I've read with many others in here, the 2014 Acadia has a water leak problem. The local mechanic said it's from the cowl being sun beaten and warped and simply not sealing up against the windshield properly. The water off the windshield runs down into the engine compartment and through the...
1-3 of 3 Results