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  1. General Tech
    Does anyone know the part that diconnects turning the key and engaging the starter motor? I understand its shifter related.
  2. Engine & Drivetrain
    I have an 07 Acadia, it cranks over fine and will not start. Issues started with it flashing a stabilitrak/traction control error message that I didn’t witness and have been unable to reproduce then running rough and dying. I managed to get it to start one more time but it was running rough and...
  3. GMC Acadia
    I was driving my 2011 GMC Acadia when I came to a stoplight. As soon as it turned green, it bogged down on acceleration, started shaking and misfiring and the Check Engine Light started flashing rapidly. I pulled over then the vehicle died on idle. I attempted to restartit and I would not turn...
  4. General Tech
    I'm not able to get at the vehicle currently. My wife says it won't start, won't even crank unless she cycles through the gears with the shifter & gets back into Park. Then, it turns slow, but won't start. She sent a Snapchat of this, & it sounds like it's turning over hard. Please help!
1-4 of 4 Results