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  1. General Tech
    My passenger side low beam was out on my 2011 Acadia (standard model) so I went to Advance Auto and got a new one. I switched it out, checked it and it worked so I finished the assembly. Shortly after installing it back in the lens, the bulb exploded. I took it back out, went in the store and...
  2. Body / Exterior
    So I go out there to change the marker light bulb yesterday and find out after getting it off that the reason it wasn’t working is because someone had accidentally cut one of the wires that go to it. There’s three wires running to the plug itself. I thought oh, no big deal I’ll just remove it...
  3. Body / Exterior
    Okay so tonight I accidentally hit a deer, the deer clipped my left headlight and it broke also had some bumper damage. Well now my taillight on the same side isnt working. I was curious if those are connected electrically? Couldnt find anything on google ?
  4. DIY, Aftermarket/Upgrades
    I recently purchased a 2014 Acadia Denali. Both headlights are cracked but still work. They have tape on them to keep water out, but i want to replace them. GM wants a fortune for replacement HID lights. Can I change styles and install new non HID Complete headlight assemblies?
  5. General Tech
    My headlights high and low beam lights will not turn completely off. They remain on in a very dim state. Additionally the driving lights turn on when switch is turn off. The lights also slightly blink with right turn signal which will also stay illuminated. It appears the hood latch warning is...
  6. General Tech
    Hey guys, been running around with only one running light working. I've tried looking for fuses and done some initial digging trying to get it back up. Hard to believe the whole dang thing just gave up on me. #1, both fuses I pulled from the in cabin fuse box failed to turn off the one working...
1-6 of 6 Results