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  1. Need help grounding wires in gmc acadia 08

    DIY, Aftermarket/Upgrades
    you can ground a wire to the uncarrage of the 2nd row by u bolt the few bolts there.. I need to find a ground from my alt under the hood does anyone have any recommendations?? I'm doing wat is called the big 3 upgrade for my stereo system and I need to find a better ground the the one located...
  2. 2012 gmc acadia SLT heat/ A/C problems

    General Tech
    So, I had a problem with the passenger side blowing hot air, While the settings are on a/c. This vehicle has dual climate control btw. Drivers side works fine. Back works fine. So, I did some research and obvious thing was the blend door actuator. So there are 3. 1 on driver's side, 2 on...
  3. Is wear and tear expected at 100,000 km

    General Tech
    Hello I bought gmc acadia sle 2014 model last year in december 2019. It had 91,000 km mileage at that time. Later I found in the dashboard some papers showing that the car had gone under some repair work at 90,000 km. It had replaced transmission / engine mounts along with front shocks. Now...
  4. What Should Be Included in an Acadia Emergency Kit?

    What in your opinion should be included in a car emergency kit for an Acadia that makes many multi-day road trips in the winter? My self-made kit includes the following: (1) bottled water (2) jumper cables (3) box-cutter knife (4) two long-burning candles (5) blanket (6) gloves (7) scissors...