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  1. Changed wheel bearing, wheel locked up.

    Brakes, Suspension, Wheels & Tires
    So, I changed my driver side rear wheel bearing on my 2008 acadia a couple of days ago, backing plate and ebreak were rusted and broken, shucked them. Bolt everything back together, take off and the wheel is grinding horribly. Bring it 300ft back to the garage, and take the tire off and the...
  2. Crankshaft sensor?

    Engine & Drivetrain
    I was driving my 2008 GMC Acadia home and the traction control light came on and it began to lose power and "surge" I guess you could say? Kind of how it feels when a coil pack is going bad (for lack of a better description). I pulled over and put it in park and it essentially sputtered out and...
  3. Need help grounding wires in gmc acadia 08

    DIY, Aftermarket/Upgrades
    you can ground a wire to the uncarrage of the 2nd row by u bolt the few bolts there.. I need to find a ground from my alt under the hood does anyone have any recommendations?? I'm doing wat is called the big 3 upgrade for my stereo system and I need to find a better ground the the one located...
  4. 2012 gmc acadia SLT heat/ A/C problems

    General Tech
    So, I had a problem with the passenger side blowing hot air, While the settings are on a/c. This vehicle has dual climate control btw. Drivers side works fine. Back works fine. So, I did some research and obvious thing was the blend door actuator. So there are 3. 1 on driver's side, 2 on...
  5. Is wear and tear expected at 100,000 km

    General Tech
    Hello I bought gmc acadia sle 2014 model last year in december 2019. It had 91,000 km mileage at that time. Later I found in the dashboard some papers showing that the car had gone under some repair work at 90,000 km. It had replaced transmission / engine mounts along with front shocks. Now...