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  1. GMC Acadia
    I was driving my 2011 GMC Acadia when I came to a stoplight. As soon as it turned green, it bogged down on acceleration, started shaking and misfiring and the Check Engine Light started flashing rapidly. I pulled over then the vehicle died on idle. I attempted to restartit and I would not turn...
  2. Audio, Video & Nav
    Just as the title states, the 2 USB ports in the front console are no longer charging my devices or connecting to CarPlay (nothing happens). However, the cigarette lighter port to the left of the USB ports is working. So I checked the fuse via circuit tester and it did not illuminate at that...
  3. Interior and Electrical
    hi guys could really use some help before I go & spend more money than I need to. I have an 08 Acadia & the passenger brake light as well as the passenger rear turn signal do not work. Sometimes they will both work for a few hours, & then not at all again. I went to the autozone & of course...
1-3 of 3 Results