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  1. LED wiring help

    Interior and Electrical
    Hello First post on this forum. I have a 2018 GMC Acadia SLT and I'm looking to hook these LED Lights up so that the courtesy lights come on and illuminate the ground when the vehicle is unlocked or the door is opened. The wiring install says to tap into the 12v dome light wire. For the life...
  2. Lambda-Platform Acadia Electrical Issues

    Interior and Electrical
    I’ve read several threads in this forum and I appreciate all the helpful information. I’ve learned a lot. Here’s my issue. I’ve got a ‘07 Acadia, 3.6, and it has numerous electrical issues. (I purchased it this way.) The radio illumination works very rarely. When I open the doors after turning...
  3. Clicking noise from window/lock switches, no power, haywire electronics

    Interior and Electrical
    Hello all. So last week we had a great cold snap of -40. When i went to start the wifes 2007 acadia it fired up as it normally would in the dreaded cold. I soon noticed though that all the gauges were going through the startup phase over and over and there was a clicking noise coming from the ds...
  4. Interior electrical issues

    Interior and Electrical
    I own a 2009 Acadia and have been having some electrical issues for about a year. The most noticeable is that the radio is super quiet. Sound only comes out of the speakers on the pillars, no other speakers put out any sound (we don't have the Bose amplifier). Other indications are that the...
  5. key fob problems!!!

    Interior and Electrical
    Hello! I've had my 2010 Acadia slt for a year or so, and when i got the car the dealership had a key fob made since the car didn't have one currently. i had problems with it but i was able to replace the battery and it would work just fine. On Christmas i went up to Mt Charleston here in...
  6. 2017 Acadia All dash lights and driving lights on

    General Tech
    All dash lights and alarms on, driving lights on and the vehicle is off and the battery charge very low. Something serious is wrong. It is hard to charge the battery when everything is on. Any tips?