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  1. General Tech
    Changed thermostat, bled system of air, but 3 days later driving around, it started to overheat, checked reservoir coolant didn't move, checked radiator cap, radiator was full of air, took a gal. of coolant to burp all the air out again... What could be causing this system to suck air in? Have...
  2. Engine & Drivetrain
    I am looking for the coolant sensor location on my 2017 3.6L VVT Acadia. Haven't had any luck with the tube or Google images. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Engine & Drivetrain
    Car was leaking coolant from passenger side, so changed water pump and thermostat. Fans stay on, too cool it down of course. Temp gauge rises up between 210 and 260. I read that i should change coolant temperature sensor, but also read could be air in radiator.. Not really sure anymore. Have...
  4. General Tech
    Hello, 2008 Acadia I drained coolant (disconnected the hose and drained) and filled water and drained 3 times (flushing), and wanted to top up the coolant. I thought this vehicle hold about 11 litters, but I can only fill 3 litters (one big bottle). Does engine hold the other 8 litters? Thanks