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  1. DIY, Aftermarket/Upgrades
    I have power stop z36 tow slotted rotors, calipers/brakes I was going to put on my 2002 Tahoe, but ended up getting rid of it. Is it possible that those calipers/brakes would be a good fit to put on my Acadia?
  2. Brakes, Suspension, Wheels & Tires
    Anyone have brakes grind within a month of purchase. We ran into a light rain and had grinding starting. Took to shop they diagnosed it with wet brakes when starting in morning. It’s been two months still haven’t gotten my upgrade pads from them was told on list of 30 people infront of us. Not...
  3. Interior and Electrical
    hi guys could really use some help before I go & spend more money than I need to. I have an 08 Acadia & the passenger brake light as well as the passenger rear turn signal do not work. Sometimes they will both work for a few hours, & then not at all again. I went to the autozone & of course...
  4. Brakes, Suspension, Wheels & Tires
    So, I changed my driver side rear wheel bearing on my 2008 acadia a couple of days ago, backing plate and ebreak were rusted and broken, shucked them. Bolt everything back together, take off and the wheel is grinding horribly. Bring it 300ft back to the garage, and take the tire off and the...
  5. Brakes, Suspension, Wheels & Tires
    So i have a 2010 gmc acadia slt. I just bought it used a few months ago from a dealership, only one owner before me. Recently over the past couple weeks it has started beeping at me while im driving down the road. The parking brake light and traction lights come on then the message center says...
1-5 of 5 Results