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  1. Engine & Drivetrain
    Hello everyone, Im new here, my name is Robinson, in a salvage auction I bought a 2020 GMC Acadia AT4, I'm in love with this car from the day it came out, so, I dont have the money and credit to buy or finance one, I bought on that way... maybe I made a mistake, maybe not... but I just take it...
  2. GMC Acadia
    Back in February, I was looking to buy a new Acadia. I was going to buy a midnight blue SLE with the V6, moonroof, and heated seats. I told the dealership if they could find an AT4 with those stats, I might be willing to pay extra for the upgraded model. They said they searched the entire US...
  3. New Member Section
    Hello! Just ordered a 2021 Acadia AT4 about a month ago so still waiting for it to arrive! Found this site when I was looking for information about the car (trying to learn what I can before I get it) Looks like a great forum full of information! Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results