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acadia 2012

  1. Odd happenings with my daytime lights

    Body / Exterior
    I’m gonna keep this simple. Driver side light turns on. The right light turns on only when I click the knob all the way to the right. Once I do that the left light turns off. at no time will both day time lights be on at the same time.
  2. Starting/Cranking issue

    General Tech
    I'm not able to get at the vehicle currently. My wife says it won't start, won't even crank unless she cycles through the gears with the shifter & gets back into Park. Then, it turns slow, but won't start. She sent a Snapchat of this, & it sounds like it's turning over hard. Please help!
  3. Seat belts and startup trouble - Advice Needed

    General Tech
    Hi Bought 2012 SLE a couple of months back with 120k miles on odo. Drove around 8k miles and encountered these issues 1. The battery voltage meter dips well below 13 volts on long drives. Once the car refused to start, parked in front of dinner after 200 miles drive - No crank, as i turned the...