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  1. General Tech
    Our Acadia will not get cool unless it’s a cooler temperature outside and even then it’s not as cold as it is supposed to be. It’s not low on freon and there’s not a cabin air filter (that we can find because it’s not where it’s supposed to be like other Acadias). Any ideas on what could be...
  2. General Tech
    So I have a 2010 Acadia SLT that has been giving me A/C issues. I have replaced the Compressor, Pressure Sensor with The Wiring connection and filled the system with R-134. The Contro Module still blinks 3 times and turns off when I hit the AC button. If I jump the relay I can get Cold Air at...
  3. DIY, Aftermarket/Upgrades
    Has anyone ever installed one of these? Situation: Garage told me my coolant leaked out because I have a leak in the pipe(s) that run to the rear a/c and parts and labor on the fix I think was estimated at around $2,000. I found a store that sells kits to disconnect the rear a/c line and blot...
  4. General Tech
    So, I had a problem with the passenger side blowing hot air, While the settings are on a/c. This vehicle has dual climate control btw. Drivers side works fine. Back works fine. So, I did some research and obvious thing was the blend door actuator. So there are 3. 1 on driver's side, 2 on...
1-4 of 4 Results