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  1. DIY, Aftermarket/Upgrades
    I want to put 305/35/24 on my 2012 gmc Arcadia. I'm ok if it rub just a lil to no rubbing. Would they fit?
  2. Engine & Drivetrain
    Hi All, My 2012 GMC Acadia Denali has recently be showing up with erratically flashing engine light with corresponding engine stalls and then it switches off.. I live in the United Arab Emirates. Let me explain how it started and how vehicle behaved till date.. sorry for the long script;)...
  3. Interior and Electrical
    Hi All, I am from the United Arab Emirates, Can someone help me with where I can download wiring diagrams for a 2012 GMC Acadia Denali? Much appreciated on any suggestions..
  4. Engine & Drivetrain
    can someone please give me some insight i’m currently stuck away from home. As I was driving my car started to shake while idling then my traction control turned off. it also says “service stabilitrak” and “engine power is reduced.” my AC still runs but my car will not let me accelerate past 40...
  5. Interior and Electrical
    About a month ago had battery replaced at dealership. When I got my 2012 Acadia that Friday evening i noticed thr passenger front side vents blowing hot air. It's humid Arkansas summer at the time. Called Monday to report issue. They said it was just a coincidence that the blend door actuator...
1-5 of 5 Results