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  1. Engine & Drivetrain
    In October of 2021 we purchased a 2010 Acadia with about 110 thousand miles on it . We owned it for all of a week when the engine blew ( happy times) We had the engine replaced, and so many other things .. all convertors have been replaced , o2 sensors , MAF, GAS CAP...most recently we had a...
  2. General Tech
    So suddenly a couple weeks ago in the big snow storm my back up camera wouldn't work, the car would have a long like 5 to 10 second beep when putting in reverse and it would say parking assist disabled. The car would drive fine, and after starting to drive the parking assist re enabled, but the...
  3. DIY, Aftermarket/Upgrades
    Looking for repair manual for 2010 Acadia just needing the Timing chains section and repair. What all needs to be taken off to get to them any special tools needed etc. Thanks Y’all for any help.
  4. Engine & Drivetrain
    Hey guys new here just bought a 2010 GMC Acadia Crank but no start. The codes I found are as follows…P008, P009, 16,17,18. I was thinking Timing Chains but could it be something as simple as crank/cam sensors bad to cause no start? It seems to pop/backfire here and there while cranking also...
  5. Interior and Electrical
    My 2010 Acadia SLT has heated/cooling seats. Both seats operate in the cooling mode but blow the cool air under the seat and not up into the seat as the white membrane filtering covers under both seats are torn apart by my children stuffing things under the seats. Everything works fine...
1-5 of 5 Results