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GMC Acadia 2017 SLE 2
- Factory ordered SLT with Driver Alert 2, Premium Package, FWD, 3.6L, 7 pass seating. No sunroof, no AWD, and no additional BS options. Satin Steel out, Jet Black in.
: Of course I've replaced the lug nuts! Haven't you? : Had to replace the AC lines. That was expensive. : I've had to reglue the mirror button 3 times after having a windshield replaced. That's been fun.
2019 Arcadia SLE-2
2013 GMC Acadia (Silver)
2017 GMC Acadia All Terrain (White Frost Tricoat)
2016 GMC Acadia SLT1 (white frost)
2018 GMC Acadia SLE-2 (Silver/Grey)
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