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2017 Acadia Denali, 2004 Mercedes S-500, 1994 Corvette Convertible
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Double Sharp...We just bought the same Acadia...same color....same owner...Garage kept except the last 60 days on GMC Dealer's lot. Shine is close to yours...I clay bared and buffed the hood...put one coat of Torque F1 all around for starters. Looking for aftermarket tuner to firm up the shifts. This is my wife's daily driver. She wanted something a bit smaller and traded a '16 Yukon SLE with Katzskin Leather...Factory #8500 tow package that we bought new 4 years ago. I wanted to keep it but" Happy Wife...Happy Life". I steered her away from Toyota and Hyundai/ the V6 power. I'm 6'3"/ 275# and it fits me well. Will add pics soon.