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    General Tech
  2. ALL MEMBERS PLEASE READ AND LOG ON!!!!!!!!Most online ever

    Yeah that's correct; a lot of page views
  3. Power driver seat give (loose)

    General Tech
    My 07 had this issue; had the seat tracks replaced under warranty
  4. Pricey Paint!

    Body / Exterior
    +1 not that we don't believe you; would just like to see it
  5. P0420 Code ?

    Engine & Drivetrain
  6. Squeaky/creaky drivers seat

    Problems, Recalls, TSBs, FAQs & Links
    Started off with the 07's; mine had it; dealer replaced lower seat tracks and that fixed the issue. Just the driver seat too; passenger seat never had an issue
  7. Transmission Shifting concerns/RPM levels

    Engine & Drivetrain
    There is no update because GM dropped Saturn a few years back. I'm not sure what we can do for you here; does the Vue have the same transmission as the Lambda line?
  8. 2008 Acadia Timing Chains Labor cost?

    Engine & Drivetrain
  9. Help with navigation on a 2013 Acadia SLT

    Audio, Video & Nav
    The manuals are always the last choice :sosad:
  10. Replacing center armrest latch

    GMC Acadia
    Nice write up; thanks :thumb:
  11. Sticky: Merged: Extended Warranty Discussions

    GMC Acadia
    Extended warranties are to each their own-each owner's reasons to purchase one or not is wholly based on individuals needs
  12. New to forum - our new 2015 SLE-2 AWD

    Picture Share
    It's broken; just that the OP only has 1 post so that is strike 2 for them. I think once you hit 5 posts you can use the "broke" insert attachments in posts
  13. Passenger Side Mirror Option Question

    General Tech
    No color match issues?
  14. Acadia order.

    GMC Acadia
    Not unless someone here actually works the assembly line
  15. Acadia order.

    GMC Acadia This post is from 2007 but I think the codes are probably still the same
  16. Why add Techron To your gas Tank?

    GMC Acadia
    The person that recommended it to me was my dealer; I mentioned something about it one day while it was in for an oil change; and he said to try that first to see if it helped. I guess he talked himself out of $1000 :thumb:
  17. Why add Techron To your gas Tank?

    GMC Acadia
    I started using Techron when I had an 05 Envoy because I was having intermittent fuel level issues. This product was recommended to me so I filled her up and added the Techron. By the end of that tank of gas; the problem was fixed and never returned. $6 vs a trip to the dealer and probably a...
  18. Passenger Side Mirror Option Question

    General Tech
    All you need is a power folding mirror; the memory function is not built into the mirror. GM used the same colors across the Lambda family during those years; shouldn't be an issue
1-20 of 196 Results