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  1. Cross Rails for 2017-2019

    Body / Exterior
    I used my cross bars one time on the 2017 and the noise was so bad, they never went back on again. Still have the bars at home, Acadia is gone however.
  2. VIN Number build sheet

    Thanks Speleos, that's what I was afraid of LOL My 2017 Acadia just died.... tree fell on it and wrote it off. Replacing with a brand new Traverse 3LT True North Edition, love the new design and back to the original size of my prior Acadia models. I will miss owning an Acadia, but after 24...
  3. Gas mileage

    Towing & Hauling
    Fuel consumption takes a huge hit on the Acadia while towing. I've found it gets a little better if you put it in 'L' and select 4th gear (uses only 1st thru 4th gears) for most towing and into L5 for freeway driving. Never into 6th as the engine is struggling to make power with such a high gear...
  4. [2017 v6] Disabling AFM?

    Engine & Drivetrain
    locks it in winter mode? On the dial? very strange behavior LOL The mileage and power are both great for a 3.6 V6, I just returned from Florida last night (flew there this year) and had a VW Atlas 3.6 V6 as a rental all week, it was terrible on fuel, and it was much heavier and had far less...
  5. [2017 v6] Disabling AFM?

    Engine & Drivetrain
    I've never checked my oil volume when changing, I just get a quick-lube place to do my changes.
  6. [2017 v6] Disabling AFM?

    Engine & Drivetrain
    first point) The problems with the V8 5.3 Litre GMC engine and AFM was on the previous generation 2007-2013 model line trucks. I have a 2011 and have the Range device. When dropping to 4 cylinders the engine lag was noticeable and annoying. These engines also had a lot of wear due to the AFM...
  7. Towing performance upgrades

    DIY, Aftermarket/Upgrades
    I towed a 6000 lb travel trailer with both my Sierra 1500 (very similar to the suburban) and with the Acadia. The truck was way better on fuel then the SUV was.
  8. Towing performance upgrades

    DIY, Aftermarket/Upgrades
    I towed a lot with my 2010 and 2012 Acadia, bottom line... fuel consumption is absolutely terrible when towing. The best way to reduce fuel consumption, lower engine coolant temperature, and to be happy with the power is to simply use gear setting L. Around town use L3 (uses only 1st thru 3rd...
  9. Black infotainment screen

    Audio, Video & Nav
    When is your screen going black? Mine never does that
  10. apple CarPlay

    GMC Acadia
    Perhaps you're right, but Siri is such a useless and slow system when the internet access is weak, so that's another part of iphone I rarely use.
  11. apple CarPlay

    GMC Acadia
    Why do any of you use carplay? I can't stand it, I've got it disabled on my phone now. It won't allow me to properly search my music collection from the touch screen, forces me to open the phone screen (illegally) and search. After disabling it, the Acadia allows me to do a full search via the...
  12. Throw it all out the window when it's cold

    GMC Acadia
    I'm lucky enough to live out in the sticks now, no one around me to steal the Acadia. On very cold mornings I skip the autostart and head directly outside in my pajama to start the car properly. Leave it running for nearly an hour before leaving for work and it's nice and warm, ice and snow...
  13. Throw it all out the window when it's cold

    GMC Acadia
    Pros My Sierra heats up much faster, seats heat up much faster, hard shifting disappears quicker.... all around better in the cold weather. Cons Sierra suspension is terrible in the cold, and overall it uses much more fuel, but the warmth is nice :)
  14. Start/stop technology

    GMC Acadia
    I don't want start/stop, it's just too cold here. Currently if I start my Acadia in my driveway and move it 100 feet to snow plow the parking area, then start it again and move back, then the next start is actually difficult and cranks for awhile. The battery can not handle those couple of...
  15. unhappy with headlights

    GMC Acadia
    What year and trim level? All four of my Acadias 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2017 have all had excellent lights. None of them were HID. Even on low beam they were good
  16. unhappy with headlights

    GMC Acadia
    what the F$#K is CANBUS? Our bulbs have to be compliant now! They are freaking bulbs, why do they need to over-complicate everything :mad: I can just imagine.... "Hey Siri turn Right" "Hi Google turn on my wipers" The good old days of fun driving are nearly gone :(
  17. unhappy with headlights

    GMC Acadia
    I had a deer slide across my hood and both noise makers came off from the impact.
  18. Shift to Park message

    General Tech
    The vehicle should not roll while in park... the message is a result of a faulty signal / input from the shifter that tells the computer that the vehicle isn't in park when in reality it is firmly in park. Not a safety issue, just a real annoyance.
  19. Bad battery or bad alternator (2012 Denali)

    GMC Acadia
    What about GM part 23105717 lists as Generator, Engine Electrical? Now I'm really confused, even my dealership has called it a generator to me. When I had low voltage problems on a trailer battery, even with the charge wire connected. I took my 2010 Acadia to the dealership and they told me to...
  20. Bad battery or bad alternator (2012 Denali)

    GMC Acadia
    so does the Acadia turn off the alternator when the voltage is high enough? I thought a generator could be cycled off but an alternator runs regardless of voltage the entire time the engine is on. I was told that to save fuel, GM switched to a generator, maybe my terminology is not right.
1-20 of 196 Results