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  1. Door Pillar Hooks

    Interior and Electrical
    Coat hook.
  2. I got rearended yesterday by a Honda Civic!

    Body / Exterior
    I would insist that they rent you something "comparable". Now we all know there's nothing that compares to the Lambdas :) but they could at least put you in a midsize SUV or a minivan. What if you had to drive 5 kids around or something? When my wife's Venture got totalled, the other guy's...
  3. My Acadia hit in the rear by a Honda Accord: Acadia wins

    GMC Acadia
    Re: My Acadia hit in the rear by a 96 Subaru: Acadia wins again! (Kind of) This may be off the point, but as the at-fault party here, the ex-Subaru driver doesn't get to "opt" for anything (I suppose she could opt not to claim the damage to her car, but that's her problem not yours. I hope you...
  4. The New Nav Discs Are In!!!!!!

    Audio, Video & Nav
    He's referring to the most recent section, that extends east from Hwy 1 past 401 and US64 business down to US64 (the "bypass"). -TZ /Lives in Raleigh too
  5. Gold Mist with Titanium? Anyone?

    Picture Share
    Not surprising. I don't think that would be a very appealing combination. FWIW, you can't get that combination on the Outlook (only black or tan interior with the Gold Mist). Not sure about the Enclave.
  6. Sticky: 18" replacement tire thread

    Brakes, Suspension, Wheels & Tires
    Re: OEM Tires - Odd Size? If you're going to buy wheels anyway, how about some 17's? You probably don't want such a low profile snow tire anyway. Bridgestone Blizzak and Michelin X-Ice both come in 255-70-17, according to tirerack, and should be around the same overall diameter as the two...
  7. Outlook vs. Acadia

    Buying & Leasing
    I don't think the option availability has changed at all over the last few months, but heated washer fluid is part of the "Convenience Package XR". You are correct about the HUD, and the captains chairs ($495) do require the Premium Trim package ($1275) both of which are only available on the XR.
  8. Bose pre-loaded EQ settings

    General Tech
    For what it's worth, we have an '04 Trailblazer EXT with the Bose system. Our auto-EQ settings are "Normal", "Driver", "Rear", and "Spacious". Which was odd to me, as our previous GM stereos with EQ presets used to have Jazz, Pop, News, Classical, Rock, etc. You can adjust the bass and treble...
  9. Trailering Package

    General Tech
    Personally, I would try to find one with the package. You'd probably be ok on flat, freeway type cruising, but with canyons/mountains I wouldn't risk it. At a minimum, do what the other poster suggested and add a transmission cooler. By the time you add the aftermarket hitch, cooler, etc, you...
  10. Trailering Package

    General Tech
    Yep, you should be fine. IIRC the tow rating without the trailering package is 2000 lbs. The extra goodies in the package (bigger rad, oil/trans cooler etc) are what up the rating to 4500.
  11. Loud clicking noise when going to High Beam

    Interior and Electrical
    Perhaps your Caddy has a setup like my '98 A8- HIDs are low beam only, with traditional halogen high beams. The system on the Lambdas sounds like a true "bi-xenon" setup (newer Audis have this kind, IIRC). The reason for the "shutter" instead of just turning on a second bulb, is that the HID...
  12. On star and Verizon????

    Try this: which leads to this:
  13. Dealership that has both Saturn and GMC on same lot price implications

    Buying & Leasing
    The supplier version (and the GMS version) of buypower has been updated with the Saturn pricing info. Go to, and select "supplier pricing" from the dropdown box (for others who don't already know about it- sounds like you do already). It used to only say "see dealer", but I...
  14. Dealership that has both Saturn and GMC on same lot price implications

    Buying & Leasing
    You do know that GM Supplier pricing is a non-negotiable price, no matter which brand you are looking at, right? It's not a straight $1k (or other #) "discount", but varies from model to model, trim level to trim level, and by the options. Same with GM employee pricing (GMS). So yes, play the...
  15. DOHC 3.6L V6 LY7 (FWD) Engine

    General Tech
    Yep. That is also the reason for the difference between the Outlook XE and XR...
  16. Whats it for?

    General Tech
    I think they are coat hooks. Not making an RTFM joke, but can anyone check to see if it's in the owner's manual?
1-16 of 16 Results