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  1. Tail light wiring for dinghy towing

    Interior and Electrical
    why not buy theses, and not mess with the wiring... ;D;jsessionid=79C6A9059049E77F729CEE153736DCE2.m1plqscsfapp05
  2. E1 Wadding Polish polish fail....

    Washing & Detailing
    I use carb cleaner to clean the inside of the chrome tail pipes, spray it on and wipe off the black carbon. first time had to use a green scrubby with carb cleaner to get them clean , after that spray and wipe to clean.
  3. Memory Seat Recall: Not Doing What I Expect

    GMC Acadia
    in the manual under instruments and controls there is a section about programming the key fobs to the seat recall position.
  4. Rotor rust

    GMC Acadia
    I thik you need like a min of 6 posts to post a pic... most rotors will get serface rust if there is moisture in the air and car sits for a few days, by the time you apply your brakes for the first time all the rust is gone.
  5. Heads up display. Do you even use it?

    GMC Acadia
    Use it all the time
  6. Look what I found

    Brakes, Suspension, Wheels & Tires
    At least this repair is fairly cheap $57 for each spring and an hour labor... roughly around $250 out the door
  7. Look what I found

    Brakes, Suspension, Wheels & Tires
    its an 2007 with 82000 miles on it
  8. Look what I found

    Brakes, Suspension, Wheels & Tires
    Look what I found this morning on the ground under my Lamda. :banghead: Left rear coil spring top broke off... Guess Ill be replacing both rear coil springs, Might as well replace both rear shocks as well as it has 85000 on it... :shrug:
  9. Need help identifying suspension replacement parts...

    Brakes, Suspension, Wheels & Tires
    Yes it is..... its part #8 on this link:
  10. Need help identifying suspension replacement parts...

    Brakes, Suspension, Wheels & Tires
    it is part #13 ,,, hope this helps :thumb:
  11. 2007 Acadia Transmission problem GMC PLEASE HELP!!!!

    GMC Acadia
    I'm the second owner of a 2007 slt2 awd and my tranny just went out a couple of weeks ago at 80,000 miles, my 3,5,r wave plates shattered and ruined the whole tranny, my local chevy dealership sent the findings to GM and they offered to pay half of the tranny and labor repairs... I received a...
  12. another Tranny bites the dust

    Engine & Drivetrain
    The only reason I said they should pay for it all is that gm knows this is a big problem, I was geared to pay for the whole repair. I work for a guy that owns a repair shop that could do the job, but I have seen on this forum that people have had GM step up and pay for all or half of the...
  13. another Tranny bites the dust

    Engine & Drivetrain
    tranny went today, >:( p0776 and p0700 codes, only 1st and 6th gear and no reverse.... 2007 slt-2 awd 81954 miles.... guess ill try to contact dealer to see if they will help on the cost... cross my fingers... :facepalm:

    Engine & Drivetrain
    could be a broken lifter, valve ,spring or timing chain slapping against cover. should have a shop check it out b4 it ruins your motor...
  15. Power Steering

    General Tech
    do you see any power steering fluid on the ground where you park the car???? did they show you where the leak is coming from???? if you answered no to both then I wouldn't worry about it, and just keep an eye on the power steering fluid level....
  16. Engine making this sound

    Engine & Drivetrain
    could be your Idler/Tensioner pulley or generator/alternator, also check your power steering fluid and make sure it is a 1/8 to a 1/4" above the full line...
  17. Low RPM Vibration/Noise

    GMC Acadia
    Might be the HVAC lines going to the rear, I read somewhere on this forum that the lines will vibrate against the firewall/ floor or other lines..... just a guess.
  18. Tow Button and MPG

    Towing & Hauling
    by turning on tow button it wont allow transmission to shift into overdrive so Id say that it will not help mpgs.
  19. Alternative to drilling bumper for Front License plate? *need something today*

    GMC Acadia
    just put the plate kit on... you wont see the drilled holes,, or keep getting tickets... it doesn't look bad...

    Audio, Video & Nav
    I bought a 2007 about 6 months ago and I received a free disk , I just called and told them that I read on a forum that I could of received a free upgrade disk and I never knew about the 1 free upgrade, and they probably will give you an upgrade....
1-20 of 80 Results