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  1. Timing chain - only a matter of time

    GMC Acadia
    Just had to have my timing chains done @ 84K miles. It was in the shop a few times recently - first for a tranny problem. The trany would not shift into most gears, then just got stuck in 2nd gear. They had to replace a "broken reverse plate" or something (took just about 2 weeks, fwiw). Part of...
  2. Can you fit a 8ft board inside?

    Interior and Electrical
    an 8 footer should fit. I think I've even put in a 10'. as for plywood - I haven't tried that yet.
  3. Pics of my toys!

    that's a pretty interesting paintjob picture of a guy in shorts on the tailgate.... :) J/K!! Nice truck!
  4. :: Post pics of your dogs ::

    We are currently sans-dogs, but here are our first babies, Chase (left) and Rudy (right). RIP, puppies....
  5. Acadia in the Shop

    GMC Acadia
    That seems to be a hard problem car makers. My '96 olds had it, my (and some friends') Audi's had it, I've heard of VW's having it, my sister-in-law's Dodge had it, now you gentlepeople seem to be having it. Is it really that hard to design a good read seal on a tranny?? on the vibration - I...
  6. Dual purpose battery to correct battery issues??

    Interior and Electrical
    excellent points. it all gets down to the ability to deliver power at lower voltages, which requires more current and more wire. higher voltage, less current, smaller wires.
  7. tire pressure sensors

    Interior and Electrical
    I've noticed some changes in the readings, but nothing too out of whack. I've noticed that it's gone down noticably on colder days, and the pressure will go up after driving some. I've also noticed that I should top it off every month or so - that's normal, at least on most cars I've owned...
  8. Dual purpose battery to correct battery issues??

    Interior and Electrical
    FWIW, this is one of the reasons why car manufacturers are looking into 48V (or even higher voltage) systems. Current 12V systems simply have a hard time supplying all the power needed for modern automotive electronics. And if manufacturers seriously go into electromechanical systems (electric...
  9. OnStar Turn by Turn - Awful!!!

    Audio, Video & Nav
    I've tried the TBT twice. The first time was on Cape Cod , and was told by the onStar rep that because the GPS signal was not being received, they could not give me directions. big shortcoming, since I was on a pretty 'major' road on the Cape - no big buildings or hills in the way. BTW, I also...
  10. UPDATED: Very, Very Disappointed - Acadia TOWED to Dealer - Trip #10

    GMC Acadia
    Re: Very, Very Disappointed - Acadia in Shop for 8th time! Oh no! I'd be hopping mad if that was me. I have had a few issues, none of which stranded me or caused me any major headaches. For the "normal " comment about the toggling errocr message - it is somewhat normal for the light to go off...
  11. DVD read errors

    Problems, Recalls, TSBs, FAQs & Links
    I seem to get a lot of DVD errors from both the NAV Map DVD and also any of the kids' DVD's. The kids' DVD's I could almost understand, since they're usually pretty banged up, but it's even happened with one that was fresh out of the case. The NAV disc error happenes very infrequently, but when...
  12. iPod Nano "Installations"?

    Audio, Video & Nav
    Does anyone have the PAL ? I looked around for that earlier this year, after seeing a 'press release' and some marketing literature for it. Shortly afterwards, I found out that GM had 'suspended' it, reasons unknown.
  13. Merged: GM Headrest DVD Questions and Info

    Audio, Video & Nav
    Re: Headrest DVD Players? I got the integrated DVD player with flip-down screen, but the dealership did offer the headrest units as an 'aftermarket' accessory. They just contract out to a local place that does all their work for them.
  14. Transmission hunting

    Engine & Drivetrain
    They've flashed mine twice - once in May (-ish), and a second time in September. The last update really made a difference - less 'hunting' for a gear, and definitely a much smoother ride.
  15. Invisible Bra for front end protection

    Body / Exterior
    I had this put on my '07 Silver SLT2 before I took delivery from the dealer. Cost was about $600 installed. It's called "AutoBahnd" from Roadmate. A friend of mine turned me onto it - he has it on his Porsche Turbo, Porsche Boxster, Audi S4, Ford Escort (huh? LOL. One of these cars is not like...
  16. XM Location?

    General Tech
    What bluetooth unit are you installing?
  17. Not many Acadia's on the road

    GMC Acadia
    Look for me, about 30 miles southwest of Boston near RI. :) We just returned from vacation with the kids....drove to and from SC (about 1100 miles each way) and I am sad to report that I only saw a single Acadia on the road, somewhere in CT. A nice carbon SLT2 (I had to slow down to check it...
  18. Nav "Disc read error"

    Problems, Recalls, TSBs, FAQs & Links
    Last night, we got a 'Disc read error' from the Nav system, and although all the radio controls would work, the Nav would not. I had seen the error message once before, but a quick stop/restart of the engine seemed to take care of it. It worked this morning without a problem. Has anyone else...
  19. One problem

    Interior and Electrical
    there's that 'we' again..... :angel:
  20. DVD/ Nav

    Audio, Video & Nav
    I've found (empirically....not that I've read the manual ::) ) that the sound comes through the speakers but not the headphones.....UNTIL you change the radio to some other source (FM, AM, XM, etc). Only then does it seem to broadcast over the headphones. As long as the speakers are 'playing'...
1-20 of 153 Results