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  • kan ·

    I just noticed that on one of the threads you mentioned you tow with your 2017 (new model) Acadia?
    I have 2017 Acadia Denali (new model) and was curious :
    (i) What do you tow (ii) How much (weight) do you tow (iii) how was your experience with Acadia's performance when towing....did you feel confident about its towing capabilities?
    I was interested in seeing if I can tow a regular travel trailer with GVWR of 3750 lbs comfortably with Acadia?
    I had some concerns about it .. esp. around GCWR rating ( , but I didn't get conclusive answers on the board.
    Your feedback will be helpful.

    lamping.ap ·
    It's been about a year since I logged in here last (I'm not sure if you remember, I used to post frequently on tech discussion)... But I have a question for you. My 2012 SLE-2 AWD w/tow has ~95k mi on it. I saw you traded yours in. From what I know from previous reading on here the 2012 was the best MY maintenance-wise. What made you trade yours in? I'm sure I missed a lot in the time I wasn't active here, but I'm wondering if I get should get rid of this thing soon (KBB tells me it is only worth $10k USD (which is unfortunate). What are your thoughts? How much did you get for yours on trade-in?
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