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  • RichyRIch ·
    We are in the process of trying to sell our 2011 GMC Acadia Denali with 100,000 miles on it to buy a new 2019 model Acadia. We went to get a safety and emissions inspection for the prospective buyers and they noted the drivers side daytime running lamp is not working. Upon troubleshooting, we found the headlight housing is melted to the point where the daylight running lamp socket is melted away and the bulb is just resting on the plastic. After replacing the bulb, it still doesn't work so I'm guessing the connector got so hot it melted internally and needs replaced as well. Upon further investigating, the drivers side is the same way however the bulb is still working for the time being. Through online research, this appears to be a very common problem. Has GM came up with any resolution to this safety/fire hazard? In order to fix this, I will have to remove and replace both headlight housings, the wire harness for the DRL, and switch over to LED bulbs which put off less heat.
    dkeller1979! ·
    Do you know how to find TSB's on my particular VIN #?
    Also I have Service Air Bag on dash. I read about connectors needing to be soldered but cant find pictures or even an exact location to where this connector may be ..

    Thanks for your help !!
    Shahzad ·

    Pl Refer my last message. My issue has been accommodated by UMA Abha, KSA and they are now performing the special coverage repair 11340C on my vehicle. I will update if any further assistance needed.

    Thanks and regards
    AcadiaJames ·
    2012 Acadia 58k and so far haven't had any major issues besides the AC hose that I had to change last month. 2 weeks ago I was driving on highway the battery Voltage started dropping really fast. I shut off the AC and lights to save power and I barely made it home. Went to mechanic the next day said it was the alternator as I assumed as well.changed the alternator and the battery. After they installed both and started the car I noticed the Voltage reading wasnt as high as before. usually was 14.5V-15V. Now it wouldnt' go over 13v. Figured the alternator was bad so installed another. same thing only know it would sometimes go up to 14V but then back to 12.7 and 13. changed alternator again and again the same problem only now I also have the a MAP sensor error p0106. They added another ground to the car and now its at 14.2V but once i turn the AC on it drops to 13V again. All mechanics/dealer say its the alternator but I changed 3 times so clearly its not that. Please Help!!
    [email protected] ·
    hi i am not sure if this will receive a reply but i wanted to say how disappointed i am with my acadia. i purchased it brand new in 2014. I have had to have the same ac issue fixed 3 times. The first two were covered under warranty and i had to pay for the third time. It was the same known issue.

    I have had a overheating sensor go out on it causing me to be stranded. I now just found out the strut mounts and bearings need to be replaced and i am hoping that will fix a rattling issue at low speeds. reading this forum i am not optomistic. especially since it will cost $1000 for the repair.

    I am not sure if there is anything that can be done. for a new car i have had to many repairs and am not inclined to ever purchase a gmc again.
    kcv ·
    My 2010 Acadia AC is really a piece of junk. I bought the car brand new for 7 years (100K miles now). I have to bring it to dealer almost every 3 months for many major issues and the first issue @14k miles:
    - Interior leather defected
    - 3 time for brake break (master cylinder)
    - 4 times for power steering (gear, column and rack),
    - water pump
    - Engine mount
    - Engine oil leak at 70K (need drop the engine to fix paid deductible 1000
    - Real shocks @ 60K mike
    - Control Arms and bars @ 80K miles
    - Front structs
    - AC issue:the high pressure line was leak last time.
    - and more ...........
    - Engine oil leak again after 9 month deal asked for another 2000 to fixed because leak different seal
    - CV join axles noise and need to replace
    - AC is leaking again need to bring to dealer as summer coming.
    This is my 1st GM car and mostly the last one. I will ensure my family member, relatives and friends never buy GM car.
    bryanr ·
    I have an 08 Acadia. The list of things going wrong on this vehicle is growing longer. The last thing to go were the timing chains. It is sitting at the dealer lot waiting my decision to fix and repair or to tow it off. I have had a new transmission put in at 42000. I now have 95000 on the acadia. Is there something that GM will do to help me out on this thing? I also have the passenger seat motor that is out, the A/C is not working well. I am scared that these repairs would cost more than the car is worth. I know that there was a problem with the 07 and 09 timing chains. Is there anyway I can have an 08 timing chain looked at being replaced under this notice. I realize that there is wear and tear on a vehicle, but this is a lot of problems for a car with less than 100K on it. How do I contact GM to see if they will do anything?

    Bryan Roberts
    nanookvd ·

    I am inquiring about my 2012 GMC Acadia. I've really enjoyed the vehicle and it has been performing well but was disappointed in having problems with the A/C just 5 years into owning the vehicle. The A/C system has developed a leak by the front of the car by the condenser as evidenced by the green Freon dye that was on the ground.

    I've contacted Marquardt of Barrington, IL to schedule an appointment to have the vehicle in for an estimate.

    VIN# is 1GKKRSED9CJ368718 with ~ 64k miles

    Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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