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Author Topic: Service Air Bag Light  (Read 5809 times, 0 Replies)
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« on: November 09, 2012, 12:15:56 PM »

So I got a visit from the lady who bought my 2010 Acadia (from the dealership that I traded it into) to ask if I have ever needed to perform maintenance on the airbags. I told her that I'd never had a problem with the airbags on the 2010 Acadia or either of my other ones (they worked great in a 2008 that crashed)

Anyway... she tells me the message "Service Air Bag System" came up in the DIC and a dummy light stays on all the time. The message needs to be reset every time she starts the Acadia. She tells me it is very annoying and that it has been doing that for months.

She opened the owners manual and checked, and it states that the Airbag / secondary restraint system requires no service / regular maintenance. So she has decided that the 'light' is broken.

I attempted very hard to keep a straight face (I was laughing my butt-off on the inside)

I told her that something is 'wrong' in the Airbag system and that any or all airbags will not function properly when the warning light is illuminated. She was rather upset that the owners manual was wrong (in her opinion)

She didn't realize that warning lights indicate a malfunction of a system, and just decided to ignore the problem because her owners manual told her there was no service to be performed.

Here is the kicker......

She had it towed from my office to the dealership because she was afraid that if she got into a crash before reaching the dealership (5 minutes away) she could be killed. Months and months of driving around without a properly functioning system and she worries about a little trip across town.  Grin

For all of us that pay more attention to our vehicles, I thought you would get a kick out of this.

PS: I had to teach her to use the remote start a few months after she bought the Acadia... isn't that in the owners manual too!!!

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