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April 26, 2017, 01:34:01 PM *
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 on: Today at 12:33:38 PM 
Started by jeffro151 - Last post by jeffro151
I have tried the reprogramming method of key in ignition, select relearn key on the DIC, and holding down the lock and unlock buttons on the fob.
I do this process, and I after a few seconds, I hear the 2 dings to notify that the fob has been successfully programmed. Only it doesn't work.

Any help?

 on: Today at 10:55:24 AM 
Started by lindabeckmen - Last post by Speleos
 Spam! Not worth the trouble to read it. Reported to the mod! She'll be creamed!!

 on: Today at 10:47:15 AM 
Started by lindabeckmen - Last post by Gordon Shumway
WTF...I ran that through the Google English translator, and it still didn't make any sense.  facepalm

I hope she wasn't paid too much per post.

 on: Today at 10:12:11 AM 
Started by lindabeckmen - Last post by lindabeckmen
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 on: Today at 09:52:39 AM 
Started by MrGibbage - Last post by Speleos
Places like NYC would be a hell of a lot quieter if everyone there got a 2017 Acadia.

Funny! NYC is actually rather quiet. It's a criminal charge of disorderly conduct and a $350.00 fine for honking your horn in Manhattan.

 on: Today at 09:28:56 AM 
Started by MrGibbage - Last post by acadiawfm
My brand new 2017 Acadia horn works only if depressed in upper right corner and pretty hard.  Two observations:
1.  No give or bounce in the cover at all when you press down.
2.  Cover appears mis aligned, like it should be pulled down a half an inch.
Anyways, I'll report back, I'm taking to dealer tomorrow.

 on: Today at 06:13:27 AM 
Started by jasonbrown48 - Last post by divotdug
Yes I did spin all four wheels while I had it up in the air. All sound fine.

But did you listen to each wheel hub using a stethoscope?   Up in the air without a load on them you sometimes need to get up and personal to hear which bearing is growling.

 on: Yesterday at 09:25:00 PM 
Started by Dav3 - Last post by GerryL
1) I measure a full 72 inches of flat sleeping on the folded down 2nd and 3rd rows.  There's also another 12 inches of space where the second row foot well is that the folded down seat doesn't extend to.  If you filled that level with something you would have seven feet.  And yes ours has doubled as a teen motorhome on many occasions with extensive desert camping and even multi season Coachella experience :-)

2) Ours has been the support vehicle on many desert off road adventures.  It of course doesn't go where our bikes and quads do, like a forerunner or similar serious truckster might, but once I unload the bikes, it has traversed (oh wait, that's another SUV)  the washes and sometimes soft sand trails of southern California's recreational off roading areas with more capability than I ever would have expected.  I've always been surrounded on these trips with way more capable vehicles owned by friends and compatriots, and knowing I had an army to pull me out if needed, have probably been braver than I should be with modest tires but never actually had any issues in mild desert off roading, The biggest clearance issue has been the front air dam, which of course is pretty easily modified. May even be self modifying....

Don't have any input for 3 or 4 as ours is basically stock

 on: Yesterday at 08:59:05 PM 
Started by jasonbrown48 - Last post by jasonbrown48
What is the status of the tires?  Old/worn or new?

Tires are nearing the end of their life, will likely have to replace this summer. The noise was there with the snow tires on as well, and didn't change when I put the summer tires back on.

 on: Yesterday at 08:56:56 PM 
Started by jasonbrown48 - Last post by jasonbrown48
While off the ground, have you spun each wheel and listened with an automotive stethoscope?  One of the easier ways to diagnose which is the noisy wheel bearing.

Yes I did spin all four wheels while I had it up in the air. All sound fine.

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