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Author Topic: scheduled maintenance cost?  (Read 9656 times, 3 Replies)
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« on: August 10, 2009, 02:10:15 AM »

What's up.

We have owned our Acadia for 1.3 years with 16K miles. Great car, no issues what so ever. I took the car in for it's 2nd oil change/ maintenance II. To my suprise, the total cost came out to $180 with a $15 discount. The bulk of the cost was the throttle body service. I thought it was early in the life for this to be cleaned. But what really got me was the service advisor tells me the next service at 30K miles is pretty expensive. He said the total cost will be close to $800???

Question for the board:

1. Per the manual, next major service is 25,000? Correct?
2. Does it really cost around $800 for the 25-30K mile service? Seems expensive or maybe I just dont know any better...

I have a feeling I'll need to shop for my next service interval. These maintenance cost are more expensive than my freaking Audi!!  Shocked
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« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2009, 04:48:36 AM »

i'd sure look into what exactly is to be performed, and then check around at some local service shops.  Some of these have very capable equipment and employees to do routine maintenance, but be careful as some obviously don't.  I only know of one in my area that i trust. 

Also be sure they'll fully document each item performed and keep the paperwork.  Be sure the work will suffice to keep your factory warrant in-tact.  There are some items that may be designated "only to performed by qualified GM dealership goodwrench service personnel".  But if you get the other work done elsewhere and only request the dealership do these specific items it will save some $.

For instance, on vehicles i've owned in the past, "inspect and clean brakes" was a maintenance item.  My dealer wanted to charge $59.95 for this.  All that needed was document brakes work efficiently with no bumping/grinding/squeaking/vibrations, check the wear on brake pads, check lines for evidence of slow leak or cracks, and brush/blow the unit off, spray the assembly with a can of brake cleaner, check fluid top-off if needed. Done.  You can do it yourself in about 15mins per wheel, at no cost, and document it.  Or have the tire/brake shop do it for maybe an extra $20 when you have tires rotated, etc.

"replace a drive belt" is a common item at some point in most routine schedules.  My dealer wanted $165.  My service shop got an OEM replacement belt and installed it, for $59.95. 

another option is to get a print-out of the entire maintenance procedure.. take it to the service/tire shop type place, and just ask them if they can/will do all of it for what price?  I had a buddy that did this with a car (i can't recall the make/model) recently.  The dealership's price for 60,000mi service was $595.  The shop looked it over and said yes they could do everything on it down to the smallest detail with no problem, by a certified service tech (certified by who i don't know), check off the items, replace whatever it entailed, document any and all inspection findings (good or bad) ... for $165.  They did it and signed off on it very professional documented event that i firmly believe would hold up in a subsequent warranty claim.  They also called the dealership with VIN # to ask if there were any recalls or TSB's that were required on the vehicle at this time..  and documented and signed that to the paperwork as well.  Obviously any recall work would have been sent to the dealer for free repair.

I've not been down this road on my acadia yet either, but when its time I'll be very selective of what i'll pay the dealership premium prices to do... since much of it is just "inspection of...."

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« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2009, 03:26:42 PM »

My motto for routine maintenance is to follow the manufacturer's recommended schedule and to ignore the "dealer's schedule", which always seems to be more expensive and include more items than the manufacturer's recommended schedule. Read the manufacturer's schedule carefully and know before you go to the dealer what it says. Just say NO to the dealer's extra items and in my experience the dealer usually just says OK. If you act like you know what is required the dealer usually accepts it without question. If you act like like you don't know what is required, you're asking for trouble IMO. If you follow what is recommended, no matter what the dealer says, you'll be OK. I've followed this approach for more years than I care to remember, after learning the hard way when I was younger. I've never had a problem with a vehicle that was attributed to poor maintenance. As has been suggested, compare prices for the scheduled maintenance items.



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« Reply #3 on: August 20, 2009, 03:44:54 PM »

That is a complete ripoff and pure profit center for the dealers.  Go with whatever the manual says for service and you'll be fine.  I have 33K and have only done oil changes, tire rotations and changed the air filter myself.  There's not much more to do.  I'm going to have the trans fluid changed at about 35K and that will cost a few bucks as well.

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